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Christmas at the top of the world

Christmas at the top of the world

Tim Coffey
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Albert Whitman, 2003   ISBN: 0807557633

Little Reindeer loves winter time. His Papa tells him stories about a “magical place at the top of the world” that he has been to. One night Papa tells Mama and Little Reindeer that he needs to go away for a while, but he will be back on Christmas. Little Reindeer wants to go with Papa, but he is told that he has to wait. His Mama tells him that his father has gone to that special place at the top of the world

Little Reindeer does his best to be patient, but when he feels that the north wind has changed - when he knows it is Christmas Eve - Little Reindeer cannot bear to wait any longer. He goes off to look for his father, he goes to find the place at the top of the world.

This delightful holiday book tells the story of one little reindeer’s adventures on Christmas Eve. With gorgeous artwork and an engaging text, this picture book is sure to please young readers who love the magic of Christmas.