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Chicken Big

Chicken Big

Keith Graves
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Chronicle Books, 2010   ISBN: 978-0811872379

One day a chicken that lives in an “itty-bitty” coop on a “teeny” farm lays an absolutely enormous egg, and when the egg hatches an enormous chick pops out. None of the chickens in the coop know what the chick is. Then one not very bright chicken suggests that the chick is an elephant, and all the chickens decided that the “indoor elephant” is much too big to live in the coop. The poor chick is forced to leave the coop and he thinks about how he doesn’t “feel like an elephant.”

The humongous chick soon learns that the chickens are not very clever at all. In turn, they think that the humongous chick is a squirrel, an umbrella, and a sweater. They simply cannot understand that the chick is actually a chick, albeit a very very large one. How is the humongous chick going to show the chickens that he is actually one of them?

Young readers are sure to enjoy this loud-out-loud funny picture book with its often ridiculous characters and its unique artwork. They will find it hard to resist the gargantuan chick who wants so much to be recognized for what he really is.