Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Cherub: The Dealer

Cherub: The Dealer

Robert Muchamore
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Simon and Schuster, 2010   ISBN: 978-1416999416

James Adams has survived basic training, he has completed a mission, and is now taking a well earned vacation on a Mediterranean island with the rest of his CHERUB classmates. Actually, he has been enjoying himself a little too much, and has not only become rather unfit, but he has also become complacent. As a result, James and his classmate Bruce botch a training exercise, and then Bruce gets into a fight with Kerry, one of their classmates, and she is badly hurt.

James is sent back to the CHERUB campus in disgrace. His punishment is to do two hours of mowing every day, and doing this on top of his school work and his training soon becomes more than he can manage. Two weeks after getting back, James is chosen to go on a mission.  He is thrilled because it means that he can get out from under the piles of homework that he knows he does not have the time to complete.

The mission is to move four CHERUB agents and their two adult handlers to an area of London where a criminal mastermind, Keith Moore, lives with his family. Keith runs a powerful organization that imports and distributes cocaine, and he often uses children and teenagers to get his product to his customers. The plan is for James and three of his classmates to make friends with Keith’s children, and to find out all they can about his organization and how it is managed.

At first everything goes relatively smoothly. James makes friends with Keith Junior, and soon he is acting as one of Keith Moore’s delivery boys. James finds certain aspects of his new life attractive, and is thrilled when he and Kerry gather some priceless intel on Keith’s operation. Then the mission becomes decidedly dangerous, and James begins to appreciate that being a successful CHERUB operative takes more than training and lessons.

This second CHERUB title shows readers that James is starting to grow up. Though he is still cocky and far to prone to making mistakes, he also begins to understand that what he is doing is bigger than he is, and that he is part of a very exclusive team.

With interesting character development and plenty of action and tension, this title is sure to gratify readers who enjoyed the first title in this series.