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Charlie Bone And The Red Knight: Children of the red king book eight

Charlie Bone And The Red Knight: Children of the red king book eight

Jenny Nimmo
For ages 9 to 12
Scholastic, 2010   ISBN: 978-0439846721

The atmosphere in the city where Charlie Bone lives is getting more and more frightening. Dark forces are gathering, and Charlie, his friends, and his family members are very worried. They know full well that there are some people at Bloors Academy who are trying to bring back Count Harken, the evil enchanter who married the Red King’s daughter many centuries ago. These same people are also trying to retrieve a will, which they think Charlie’s father, Lyell Bone, was given. It is believed that this precious document will reveal who the true heir to the Red King’s fortune is, and the Bloors and their allies want to make sure that the truth never comes out.

As dark doings become commonplace in the city, Charlie and the other children of the Red King – the ones who are against the Bloors and their allies – try to figure out what they can do to put a stop to the Bloor’s plans. When the lord of the sea arrives on the scene, the situation only gets worse. Charlie knows full well the lord of the sea is there to destroy Charlie’s father and mother who are having a holiday on a boat somewhere near Australia. His power is so great that he can create a terrible storm anywhere in the world where there is water. Fearing for the lives of his parents, and for the continued existence of his city, Charlie is surrounded by situations that he is not sure he can control.

This final book in the Charlie Bone series brings the story of Charlie and his friends to an exciting, thrilling, and highly satisfying close. Fascinating new revelations about the characters, and plenty of high drama will keep readers sitting on the edge of their seats.