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Cesar Takes a Break

Cesar Takes a Break

Susan Collins Thoms
Illustrator:  Roge 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Sterling, 2008   ISBN: 1402736533

Cesar is an iguana who was adopted by Ms. Lee and who now lives in a second-grade classroom at Pinebrook Elementary School. Cesar has a very comfortable life, and he thinks the world of his children, who happily tend to his every need. He often wonders “how this class every managed” before he arrived on the scene. With his help class time runs smoothly for everyone, and Cesar is understandably very proud of his abilities.

Then the most dreadful thing happens! Cesar learns that he is going to be all alone for an entire week. School will be closed for Spring Break and Cesar is going to have to make do with being fed by Mr. Will, the school custodian. For a day or two Cesar mopes around feeling lonely and sorry for himself. Then, being an iguana who does let life get him down, Cesar decides that he too will have a break. He will take advantage of the Spring Break situation to explore the school at his leisure.

Children will love sharing Cesar’s adventures as he makes friends, eats wonderful meals, explores new places, and discovers that he has even more talents than he thought he did. With a delightful and often very funny story and charming artwork, this is a picture book that children will love to share with others. Iguana fans will find a section at the back of book full of interesting facts about green iguanas.