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Carry and Learn Opposites

Carry and Learn Opposites

From the editors at Scholastic
Novelty Board Book
For infants to children age 4
Scholastic, 2016   ISBN: 978-0545797894

The barnyard is a busy place and it is full of all kinds of animals that are going about their day. In the chicken coop there are a pair of chickens that are going “UP and DOWN.” Not far off there are a pair of cows. One is “IN” the barn looking out. The other is “OUT” and it is munching some grass.

Sheep may generally seem to look alike, but they come in lots of different colors and sizes. Here are a pair and one of them is white and “BIG,” and the other is black and “LITTLE.”

Throughout this book children will find ways to explore five pairs of opposites with five different kinds of farm animals. On every spread we are given the name of the featured animal, and we are also presented with a scene that shows that animal demonstrating a pair of opposites. We get to explore the opposites by sliding a tab, touching textures, and opening flaps. We also learn the noises that each of the animals make when we are invited to “Cluck like a chicken,” “Can you moooo?” “Can you baaaa like us?” “Let’s neigh together,” and “Can you oink?”

On the last spread all the opposites are brought together and we are invited to name all the animals that we see.

With its cunning little built-in handle and its novelty features, this book provides little children with a wonderful way to start learning their opposites.