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Carl's Birthday

Carl's Birthday

Alexandra Day
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Farrar, Straus and Giroux , 1995   ISBN: 978-0374311445

Madeleine’s mama has taken Madeleine and Carl to a neighbor’s house so that they can have a nap there. Mama has to prepare for something special at home, and she wants her daughter and Carl out of the way. Some little children lie down and go to sleep at naptime, but Madeleine is a rather precocious little girl. She looks out of the window, sees that interesting things are going on at her house, and so she, with Carl’s help, climbs out of the window.

Madeleine then creeps through Carl’s dog door - with his assistance - and she investigates what is going on in the kitchen. She adds more sugar to the punch, and watches as Mama wraps a present. Then the dog and the little girl open some presents that they find, and they have a wonderful time playing under a table with some stuffed animals.

The two scamps are still under the table what Mama brings a beautiful cake into the room. Of course they don’t stay there when Mama leaves. There is a cake to sample after all.

Young children are going to love this wonderful mostly wordless picture book. They will follow Madeleine and Carl’s adventures with delight, and chuckle when they see the naughty things that the two friends get up to.