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Carl's Afternoon in the Park

Carl's Afternoon in the Park

Alexandra Day
Wordless Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 7
Farrar, Straus and Giroux , 1991   ISBN: 0374311099

It is a warm sunny day, and Carl the dog’s owner is going to have tea with her friend. Carl is left in charge of the baby and the puppy. The baby climbs onto Carl’s back and they head off to explore the park. When they get to the carousel, Carl pretends that he is one of the carousel animals, and the baby and puppy ride on his back together.

Once they have had enough of this entertainment, Carl and the puppy decide to have a little doggy fun, and they proceed to play in a flower border. Carl digs a nice big hole, the puppy chews the water hose, and the baby picks some of the flowers.

The puppy chews on the hose so much that he ends up breaking it and he, Carl, and the baby have a wonderful time getting soaked and then rolling in the grass. One would think that all this excitement would be enough of an adventure for the three friends, but it would appear that this is just the beginning.

Children who cannot read on their own yet are sure to enjoy this Carl title. They will laugh to see all the things Carl, the puppy, and the baby get up to, and the clever details that Alexandra Day incorporates into her art will charm older readers as well.