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Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery

Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery

Kevin O'Malley
Illustrator:  Patrick O'Brien 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 6 to12
Walker and Company, 2005   ISBN: 978-0802789358

A strange bright light has been seen streaking across the sky above the planet Jurassica. Many of the dinosaurs on the planet are concerned. Something must be done to find out what created the light. There is only one thing to do, they must call Captain Raptor and ask him to investigate.

Soon Captain Raptor and his team are blasting off in the USD Megatooth to check out the moon Eos, where the bright light is thought to have crashed or landed. As the rocket begins its descent through Eos’ atmosphere, the ship is hit by a bolt of lightening. Out of control the Megatooth crashes into the sea and begins to sink. Surely the great career of the brave and intrepid Captain Raptor is not going to end in this way? What will happen to Jurassica if he is not there to defend it against unknown enemies?

Young readers who love adventure tales will find this picture book riveting. Presented in a comic book style format, Patrick O’Brien’s dinosaurs are personable and engaging. A story packed with action, adventure, and numerous surprises combined with the unique artwork make this a winning title.