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Buzzy's Big Bedtime Book

Buzzy's Big Bedtime Book

Harriet Ziefert
Illustrator:  Emily Bolam 
Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Blue Apple Books, 2004   ISBN: 1593540590

It is time for Buzzy to get ready for bed. His father gets his bath ready, and just like most small children, once Buzzy gets into the water, he is having such a great time with his bath toys that he isn’t that keen to get out. When he pulls the plug he worries that the drain might “suck him down too.” Luckily Daddy is there to reassure the little donkey that the drain could never hurt him.

Next it is bed time, and Buzzy, again like so many little children, needs lots of things before he is ready to go to sleep; he needs his teddy, a glass of water, a night light, and “a hug and a goodnight kiss.”

Both parents and their children will be able to identify with Buzzy and his night time rituals. Parents will smile at the way in which Buzzy keeps coming up with new things that he needs before he can sleep; and children will know why Buzzy worries about the drain and why he needs a night light in his room. Bright childlike illustrations make Buzzy accessible to even the smallest of children.