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Button Crafts

Button Crafts

The Editors at American Girl
Nonfiction Craft Book
For ages 8 to 12
American Girl Publishing Inc, 2009   ISBN: 978-1593695774

Many years ago, children - girls in particular - used to collect buttons and put together collections that they kept in ‘button boxes.’ There were no zippers or snaps, and Velcro hadn’t been invented yet, so people needed buttons to keep their clothes secure. Though buttons are not as necessary as they once were, they are still used a great deal today to secure and decorate clothes, and to decorate pillows and other house wares.

Do you have a box of old buttons sitting around your house? Did you buy a dusty bag of buttons at a yard sale some time ago? If so then you are in luck because this book will show you how you can use buttons to decorate or makes all kinds of interesting crafts.

The authors begin by talking briefly about the different kinds of buttons that were used to make the projects in the book. Then they go on to show readers how to sew a button on to a piece of fabric. After this, the projects begin. Buttons are used to decorate clothes, they are made into jewelry and accessories, they are sewn and glued to household items to give them a new look, and they are used to make one-of-a-kind cards and gifts. There is even a page dedicated to ways that buttons can be used to make holiday decorations.

With easy to follow directions and inspiring full color photographs, this book is perfect for young crafters who like to make special crafts using something that is very ordinary.