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But the Bear Came Back

But the Bear Came Back

Tammi Sauer
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Sterling Children's Books, 2018   ISBN: 978-1454920984

You may not know this, but bears are very persistent creatures. This is what a little boy learns when a bear comes knocking on his door. The little boy tells the bear, in the nicest possible way, that “bears do not belong in houses,” and he asks it to go home. The bear goes away. For a while. But then it comes back, and this time it brings a flamingo with it.

The little boy is a little firmer this time. He tells the bear to leave and to take the flamingo with him. When the bear comes back a third time the little boy pretends that he is not home, hoping that the note that he left on the door - which says that he is not home - will discourage the bear. It doesn’t. It would appear that bears cannot read and the little boy’s unwelcome ‘friend’ decides to come down the chimney.

Again and again the child tells the bear to “go home,” and again and again the bear comes back.

Then one day the boy loses his temper and he yells at the bear. This time the bear gets the message and he does not come back. All is well with the world again. Or isn’t it?

In this amusing picture book we meet a little boy who is sure that he does not want a bear in his life. After all, bears are not supposed to live in houses and that is that. Of course, the problem with bears is that they wear you down, and before you know it you find that you are not as opposed to bears as you thought you were.