Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Busy Bear Cubs

Busy Bear Cubs

John Schindel
Photographer: Lisa and Mike Husar
Nonfiction Board Book
For infants to age 4
Tricycle Press, 2009   ISBN: 978-1582463025

Bear cubs, like so many other baby mammals, like to be busy. They delight in climbing trees, running, playing in water, and exploring their world. Exploring often leads to cubs learning about their environment; looking with their eyes, sniffing with their noses, listening with their ears, touching things, and even tasting with their tongues.

   Like young children, bear cubs tend to stay close to their mothers, walking by them or riding on their backs. When they are tired, cold, or scared they enjoy “cuddling” and “snuggling” with their mother, who makes them feel safe.

   In this charming board book wonderful full-color photos are paired with simple rhyming sentences to give little children a picture of what bear cubs do with their days.