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Builder Bugs: A Busy Pop-up Book

Builder Bugs: A Busy Pop-up Book

David A. Carter
Novelty board book
For ages 3 to 5
Simon and Schuster, 2012   ISBN: 978-1442426481

It is Monday morning, and the Builder Bugs are ready to begin a new project. They are going to build a new house for a bug family. Before the building can begin, the Architect Bug and Engineer bug get together to create a plan of the house.

On Tuesday, the Builder Bugs are ready to break ground. The Digger Bug, Bulldozer Bug, Crane Bug, and others get to work, and they work so hard that on Wednesday the Toolbox Bugs can start building the walls. By Thursday the frame is ready for the Roofer Bugs to do what they do so well. Carefully the Roofer Bugs lay green leaves in neat rows until the roof is complete. The house is almost ready!

For years now David Carter’s bugs have been delighting young children who cannot resist his wonderfully colorful characters. This title follows the doings of the Builder Bugs as they build a cunning little house. There are pop-ups, a mini book, and pull-the-tab features to explore throughout the book, and children will be delighted when they open up the last set of pages where a delightful surprise awaits them.