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Bronze Dragon Codex

Bronze Dragon Codex

Amie Rose Rotruck
Fiction  Series
For ages 8 to 12
Mirrorstone Books, 2008   ISBN: 0786949309

Tatelyn is on a mission, to convince the powers that be in her country to cast out the metallic dragons. Tatelyn’s brother was killed by a copper dragon that was processed by a sorceress, and she believes very strongly that there really is no such thing as a “good dragon.” Tatelyn has formed an organization called the Heirs of Huma and she has quite a few followers in the towns that she has visited. In the town of Palanthas Tatelyn is not well received. Before she leaves the city in a hurry a cleric gives her half of a jeweled silver pendent.

Simle is a young bronze dragon who lives in caves on the coast with her family. When she was very little, the eggs containing her baby brother and sisters were stolen by humans. Now Simle’s mother has been injured when she was doing her best to protect a group of traveling human pilgrims. Full of anger at these pilgrims, Simle leaves her home to have her revenge on them. Before she leaves, her mother gives her half of a jeweled silver pendent.

Seemingly by chance Simle and Tatelyn meet and because they each wear half of the same piece of jewelry a spell is cast on them. Not Simle feels what Tatelyn feels and vice versa. What could be worse, a girl who hates dragons is intimately linked to a dragon; and a dragon who hates humans is linked to a girl.

This is not only a wonderful adventure tale, but it also explores the idea that one should not judge others from a place of anger. Tatelyn and Simle blame each the other for their losses. It is only when they are magically linked that they are forced to take a good hard look at the thing that they fear and hate.

With colorful characters, magic, quests, and more, this Dragon Codices title is one that fantasy fans will greatly enjoy.