Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Brava, Mimi!

Brava, Mimi!

Helga Bansch
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
NorthSouth, 2010   ISBN: 978-0735823228

Mimi the Mouse wants to be a performer. She wants to sing, to dance, and to act on a stage. Unfortunately, Mimi does not think that she is “talented and beautiful” and everyone knows that performers have to talented and beautiful.

Mimi goes and talks to Albert the Mole about her problem. He recommends that Mimi can learn how to sing and dance, so Mimi goes to dance lessons with Misha the Frog, and to singing lessons with Bubbles the Blackbird. Both of her teachers recommend that Mimi should not worry about any mistakes she makes. She should be herself and keep going.

Next Mimi goes to see Calvin the Tailor and he makes Mimi a lovely dress that makes Mimi feel pretty. Calvin tells her that no matter what happens “you look like a star.”

When Mimi learns that there is going to be an audition for the Mouse Ballet, she is ecstatic. Now at last she can show off what she has learned. This is “her big chance” to see her dream come true. Or is it?

Many of us have dreams of becoming a great performer, scientist, or artist, but we doubt ourselves. We dare not believe that we can reach such heights.

In this meaningful and heartwarming story, readers will meet a little mouse who has determination, and who is willing to work hard to make her dream come true. As they follow her story, readers will see that there is one more thing Mimi needs to have - confidence in herself and in her ability to follow through.

With a meaningful message and a likeable main character, this is a book that offers support and encouragement to any child who has big dreams.