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Boy Soldier

Boy Soldier

Andy McNab, Robert Rigby
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Random House UK, 2005   ISBN: 978-0385608039

Danny has his whole life planned out. He is going to get one of the Regular Commissions Board bursaries which will allow him to go to university and then onto Sandhurst Military Academy. Then he will be primed to join the army. All is going well and Danny is quite confident that one of the bursaries has his name on it when he is told that he has been rejected. Danny is shattered, especially when he discovers the reason why he was turned down. It would seem that Danny's grandfather, Fergus, was a traitor. A member of the highly trained SAS, Fergus joined the drug runners he was supposed to be eliminating.

Furious with this cruel turn of fate Danny sets about trying to find the grandfather who has made such a mess of Danny's life. With the help of his friend Elena, Danny digs up as much information as he can about the man who abandoned his family for his military career. Using tips, snippets of information, and the Internet, Danny and Elena are able to track Fergus down. What they don't know, until it is too late, is that they are been tracked by a dedicated pack of killers who want to make sure that Fergus, and Danny, disappear for good.

This gripping spy thriller will soon have readers hooked as they try to anticipate what Danny and Fergus are going to do next. All the fugitives have are their wits, Fergus' expertise, and Elena's computer wizardry to keep them out of the clutches of some of MI6's best operatives. With numerous twists and turns in the plot, readers will be kept guessing all the way through this exciting story.