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Boris and the Snoozebox

Boris and the Snoozebox

Leigh Hodgkinson
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Tiger Tales, 2009   ISBN: 978-1589254213

Boris is a homeless cat, and most of the time he does not have a problem with this at all. There are times however when he wishes he had “a plumpish pillow to snuggle onto.” When he is in need of nap, a soft pillow would be most welcome.

One day Boris is “tired, grouchy, and in desperate need of a long catnap,” and he finds a cardboard box that is full of packing material. Boris climbs into the box and nods off. Boris is happily dreaming of ear tickles and fish when he is woken up to discover that something is happening to his box. The lid has been closed and soon Boris in his box is carted off to who knows where.

When it arrives at its destination, Lady Snootlethorpe opens the box, hoping that it contains the biggest teapot in the world. It doesn’t. It contains Boris. A disappointed Lady Snootlethorpe tapes up the box and sends it on its way.

The next person to open the box is not a person at all. Instead, Mr. Marshmallow the North Pole bear opens the box expecting to find fish inside it. He is not at all pleased to find that the box is inhabited by a “silly cat.” Poor Boris is sent on his way once again. When will this tiresome journey be over, and will he ever find a soft pillow to nap on?

In this charming picture book, readers meet a cat who has simple needs, needs that everyone can understand and appreciate. Children will quickly get caught up in Boris’ story, and they will find themselves hoping that the delightful feline eventually finds what he is looking for.

With unique multimedia collage artwork and a loveable main character, this is a picture book that cat lovers of all ages will enjoy.