Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Philippe Dupasquier
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Andersen Press, 2005   ISBN: 1842703234

A group of boys, Simon, Nigel, Ricky and our storyteller, are constantly getting bored. Nothing seems to keep their interest for long until they meet Sabrina. Though some people think that the red-haired girl is “weird”, the boys go to her house and they are amazed at what they see. This is unlike any house any of them have ever seen, full of artwork and strange looking furniture. Then Sabrina suggests that the children play “the colour game” and the colour she uses to start them off is blue.

To play the game everyone has to lie on their back and look at the sky. What they see is blue, but they also see other things, They see that blue exists in all kinds of different forms and shades. There is no doubt that Sabrina’s game is not quite what they are used to, but it helps the boys to notice something that they never even noticed was there.

The author’s very unique cut-out and multimedia artwork adds an interesting dimension to this thoughtful story, which explores the power of art and colour. The boys in the story discover that within each of them they have the power to discover new things and new worlds just by looking at everyday objects that are around them.