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Black Bear, Loon  and Walleye: The fable from the Northwoods

Black Bear, Loon and Walleye: The fable from the Northwoods

Sara Button
Illustrator:  P.A. Lewis 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Beaver's Pond Press, 2007   ISBN: 1592981631

Far away in the Northwoods there lived Black Bear, Loon, and Walleye. The three animals were great friends, and one day Loon greatly admired Black Bear’s fur coat. In his turn, Black Bear told Loon that he wished that he had Walleye’s “glimmering coat of scales.”  Walleye wished that he could have Loon’s feathers.

Quite suddenly, all three animals had their wishes come true. Black Bear had scales, Loon had fur, and Walleye got feathers. As you can imagine, all three animals looked very odd indeed.

At first Black Bear, Loon, and Walleye were very happy with their transformations. In a short time, however, they came to realize that fish are not meant to have feathers, birds are not supposed to be furry, and bears near their warm coats.

Many of us often wish that we could have things that other people have: blue eyes, red hair, big muscles, a pretty smile. We often to forget to appreciate the gifts that we already have. With humor and wonderful illustrations, this excellent picture book beautifully shows young readers that what you have is precious and to be appreciated.