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Binky the Space Cat

Binky the Space Cat

Ashley Spires
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 8 to 10
Kids Can Press, 2009   ISBN: 978-1554533091

Binky the cat is very excited because he is now a card carrying Certified Space Cat. He is no longer an “average cat” who sleeps, plays with toys, catches mice, and washes itself. Binky “has a purpose,” and his purpose is to go into outer space one day to “explore unknown places,” and “battle alien creatures.”

Though Binky has big ambitions, he has actually never left his house. He has never been outside because outside is “outer space” and everyone knows that “outer space isn’t safe for an ordinary cat.” To be able to go into outer space Binky is going to need to build a space ship.

Of course Binky does not let his mission distract him from his duties defeating aliens (bugs) who have managed to infiltrate his house (space station). His whole life Binky has been a vigilant alien catcher. He has figured out that aliens and bugs are one and the same thing, and he has always done his best to protect his humans from these insidious enemies.

Though he is able to build his rocket ship (in secret) and protect his humans from aliens, Binky forgets one very important thing. It is only when he is about to blast off into outer space that Binky realizes that there is something that he cannot leave behind.

In this deliciously funny graphic novel, readers will meet a cat who has takes himself very seriously. Readers will find it not to laugh out loud when they see how this…er…well padded feline struggles to do his duty and achieve his ambitions at the same time. Clearly being a cat means that you have to deal with having a very complicated life.