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Big Week for Little Mouse

Big Week for Little Mouse

Eugenie Fernandes
Illustrator:  Kim Fernandes 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Kids Can Press, 2005   ISBN: 978-1553371700

Little Mouse has just one week to get ready for a very special day. On Monday she helps clean the house. There are floors to mop, windows to wash, and polishing to be done. On Tuesday Little Mouse gets her paws wet doing the laundry, and on Wednesday she picks flowers "big and small." On Friday Little Mouse decorates four hats and on Saturday... well on Saturday, Little Mouse and her mother bake a beautiful chocolate cake.

With a gently rhyming text that includes fourteen pairs of opposite words such as "dark" and "light," and "messy" and "neat," the author of this book tells a delightful little story that comes to a perfect conclusion.

Throughout the book colorful three dimensional polymer clay illustrations, which are full of cunning details, beautifully compliment the story. Delighted readers might even be inspired to try to create similar pictures themselves.