Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Bertie at Bedtime

Bertie at Bedtime

Marcus Pfister
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
NorthSouth, 2010   ISBN: 978-0735823136

It is time for Bertie, the little hippo, to go to bed. Just like so many other little children, Bertie would much rather play than get ready for bed. His father promises that they will play together after dinner and after Bertie has brushed his teeth, which they do.

After playing a rousing game of catch, Bertie has his bath and then he and his father play hide-and-seek. Daddy then tells Bertie that it is time for bed, but Bertie reminds his parent that first it is story time. After sharing three stories, Bertie and Daddy have to have a little dance. After this, Bertie has a drink, and then he goes to the potty. Even after all this activity, Bertie is not tired, and he wants Daddy to sing him a song. Poor Daddy, on the other hand, is getting quite worn out.

Adults who have young children in their lives are sure to recognize many of the scenes in this charming picture book. Children all over the world find creative ways to draw out their bedtime as long as possible, just as Bertie does.