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Benny and Penny: Just Pretend

Benny and Penny: Just Pretend

Geoffrey Hayes
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Raw Junior, LLC, 2008   ISBN: 978-0979923807

Benny is in the garden and he is pretending that he is a brave and very fierce pirate. His ship (a cardboard box) is sailing across the ocean in a suitably piratical way when his little sister Penny arrives on the scene. Penny wants Benny to play with her, and not surprisingly Benny wants her to leave him alone so that he can get back to the serious business of being a pirate. Unfortunately Penny is not the kind of mouse child to give up easily.

After being pestered to distraction and after being told that he needs to “be nice and play with your sister,” Benny decides to play hide and seek with Penny. Penny will hide – and Benny will avoid looking for her.

In this delightful Toon title, young beginner readers will get to read and look at a story that is amusing and easy to follow. Any child who has had a little brother, sister, or cousin following them around will be able to identify with Benny’s situation. The problems that can arise when two siblings are having problems is sensitively explored, and the format is perfect for young readers who prefer books that are graphic-rich.