Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Bee & Me

Bee & Me

Elle J. McGuinness
Illustrator:  Heather Brown 
Novelty Board Book
For ages 4 to 6
2009   ISBN: 978-0740777349

One day a bee is out collecting nectar when a dog chases her into a house. The little boy in the house is frightened of the bee and he prepares to run away from her. Then he hears the bee talking to him. The little insect explains that she needs to get back to work for there is much to do, and she asks the little boy to help her. The little boy learns that bees are "good for much more/Than just honey." They pollinate trees and flowers, and without the hard labors of bees the world would be a very a different place.

Children who do not know how vital bees are will be astonished to learn that we depend on them a great deal. They will discover how much we need them to do what they do best so that we might have food, and so that plants and trees can thrive. These days wild bee populations are in trouble, and this book's arrival is timely. The book's environmental message shows children that little creatures can have a big impact on the environment and on humans.

In addition to the story of the little bee, at the back of the book the author includes some bee facts, and she tells children what they can do to be a "Honeybee Helper."

There are cheerful and brightly colored illustrations throughout the book, and on most of the double page spreads there are Animotion panels, which allow readers to see the characters in the story move.