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Bear in sunshine

Bear in sunshine

Stella Blackstone
Illustrator:  Debbie Harter 
Board Book  Series
For ages 2 to 4
Barefoot Books, 2004   ISBN: 978-1841487007

When the sun is out Bear likes to be outdoors paddling in a stream and playing with his toy boat. When it is raining he puts on his boots, puts up his umbrella and goes out and sings a merry song. When it is windy he flies his red kite and when it is icy he skates down the lane with a smile on his furry face.

The fact is, whatever the weather, Bear finds a way to have fun and to be happy. He enjoys the seasons to their fullest. Why even when it is stormy he has a lovely time snuggling down in his bed where it is cozy and warm.

In this delightfully simple and yet perfectly complete picture book, children can see that every season has its joys and its pleasures. Without trying very hard they too will be able to have fun like this happy bear, and celebrate summer, winter, fall and spring to the fullest. The illustrations in this picture book are quite wonderful with their bright colors, their joyous themes, and their lively action filled scenes.

This is just one is a series of books about Bear.