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Bear Feels Sick

Bear Feels Sick

Karma Wilson
Illustrator:   Jane Chapman 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2007   ISBN: 978-0689859854

It is a windy autumn day and Bear isn’t feeling very well. He has a stuffy nose and though he feels awfully tired, he cannot seem to sleep. Poor Bear is sick and when his friends come to visit him they decide that they are going to take care of him. He is such a pitiful creature and without a doubt he needs their tender ministrations.

Soon there is a fire going and Gopher has made some broth. Mole soothes Bear’s fever with a “cool, wet cloth.” Bear’s friends cover him up with a warm quilt. But bear “still feels sick.” Then Raven, Owl, and Wren go to get herbs to make a healing tea which the animals give to Bear. They are sure that Bear will “feel better soon,” but alas he does not. Instead he “still feels sick.”

With love and devotion Bear’s friends do all that they can to make their large chum feel better. They sing lullabies and finally get Bear to fall into a deep and hopefully healing sleep. How will he feel when he wakes up?

In this charming story a group of devoted friends takes care of one of their own when he falls ill. It is not an easy job for Bear is most unhappy and unwell animal, but his friends don’t give up, and in the end their labors pay off. With its warm and deliciously cozy illustrations, and its comforting rhyming text, this picture book is a wonderful celebration of true friendship. Fans of the other Bear books by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman will be delighted by this addition to the series.