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Beach Doodles: Create. Imagine. Draw Your Way Through a Day at the Beach

Beach Doodles: Create. Imagine. Draw Your Way Through a Day at the Beach

Illustrator:  Violet Lemay , Paige Garrison 
Nonfiction Drawing Book
For ages 6 to 8
Duo Press , 2013   ISBN: 978-1938093043

It is warm, sunny, and hot outside, a perfect summer’s day. This kind of weather makes many people think about going to the beach. Who wouldn’t want to spend such a day splashing in the sea, building sandcastles, and eating ice cream. Then, when one is tired and ready for a little quiet time, one can settle down in a nice shady spot, take out this book and a pencil, and start doodling.

   The beauty of this book is that the author and illustrators who created it provide young artists with just enough encouragement and doodles to get them going. The journey begins with the words “Ready” and “Go!” What a wonderful way to begin a new adventure. Then we are presented with a doodle picture of a beach. We see the sun blazing away in the sky, the waves lapping at the sand, and a bucket and pail is waiting to be played with. There is a pole stuck in the sand and we are asked to “Doodle an umbrella.” Of course, that is what this beach scene needs.

   On the next page we see another beach scene. This time all the accoutrements needed for a day at the beach are there, but the people are missing. We are asked to supply a family. Then, on the next page, we are told that is has started to rain and we need to draw everyone crowded under the umbrellas.

   Further on in the book we asked to add something to an island. Then we need to give people in a boat some faces, and later we see some wonderfully big waves that need some surfers.

   Later still there is a mystery to solve. There are some food items on a beach that something has been eating. We are asked to identify and draw whoever has been eating the food. Take a look at those footprints in the sand. They are the clue we need to solve this puzzle.

   With more than one hundred doodles, this excellent book is the perfect thing to take along on a beach vacation. It is also the perfect thing to dive into if one needs a beach fix. By the time a few doodles have been drawn, the artist will almost be able to smell the sea, hear the waves, and see the sun sparkling on the water.