Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Barnyard Bath

Barnyard Bath

Sandra Boynton
Novelty Book
For ages 1 to 3
Workman Publishing Company, 2008   ISBN: 978-0761147183

Usually books and baths do not mix. Indeed, taking a book into the bath is frowned upon. Unless of course you have a book that is waterproof, like this one. In addition to being water friendly, this bath book has a little washcloth included, and with it you can participate in this barnyard bath.

Sandra Boynton begins by inviting her little audience to get their washcloth wet. Then she tells the bath child to wash the pictures of the "duckies" and the cow. There is a "piggy" to "scrub," and there is even a "silly chicken" to get clean. Then there is the finale that rounds off the little story perfectly.

This novelty title will make a great gift for a little child who needs something to entertain him or her during bath time.