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Baking Kids Love

Baking Kids Love

Cindy Mushet, Sur La Table
Photographer: Maren Caruso
For ages 9 to 12
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2009   ISBN: 978-0740783456

The kitchen is a place where people of many generations can come together to create something delicious to eat. Many children really enjoy cooking with the adults in their lives, and often precious memories and traditions are built on splashes of spilled flour and on delightful cooking smells.

In this excellent cookbook, children and their grownups will find a splendid collection of recipes for baked treats such as blueberry cobbler, scones, and cinnamon rolls. The book begins with some notes for adults, some of whom need a few tips to help them share their cooking space with children. Here adults are reminded that “It’s food, not world peace,” and “A little disorder is inevitable and it’s also part of the fun.”

Next there is a section of tips and tricks that will make the baking process easier. Here bakers will learn how to measure ingredients accurately, how to choose ingredients, how to prep ingredients, how to knead dough, and much more.

Not wanting to intimidate novice bakers, the author begins with simple cookie recipes. Each recipe includes a list of ingredients, a list of tools, carefully written directions, and a note from Bella, the author’s young daughter. Children will enjoy reading Bella’s comments. Some pages have additional tips from Bella, and “Playing around” suggestions that encourage bakers to try different versions of the recipes by tweaking the ingredients.

The cookies chapter is followed by chapters about “pies, tarts, and fruit desserts,” “quick breads,” “cakes,” and “yeast breads.”

With a chatty and easy to follow text, lots of photos, and fantastic recipes, this is a cookbook that families will surely enjoy sharing.