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Bailey at the Museum

Bailey at the Museum

Harry Bliss
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Scholastic Press, 2012   ISBN: 978-0545233453

Today Bailey the dog and the children in his class are going on a field trip to the museum. Bailey is thrilled to be going somewhere for the day, but the dog quickly learns that going on a field trip to a museum can be challenging. You have to stay with your partner, you should stay in line, and you must never try to snack on the dinosaur bones, no matter how hungry you are.

After Bailey tries to eat one of the T. Rex bones, he gets a new partner for the field trip – one of the museum guards. The guard makes sure that Bailey gets enough to eat at lunch, which Bailey really appreciates, and then the tour of the museum resumes. One would think having a museum guard for a partner would be enough to keep Bailey out of trouble, but it isn’t

Readers who enjoyed the first Bailey book are sure to enjoy this new title, which once again stars the irrepressible dog whose curiosity, intelligence, and sheer dogginess sometimes causes him to get into trouble. Children will love the way the author includes thought and speech balloons in his artwork, and they will enjoy seeing how Bailey manages to get out of yet another sticky situation.