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Babymouse: The Musical

Babymouse: The Musical

Jennifer L. Holm , Matthew Holm
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 7 to 10
Random House, 2009   ISBN: 0375843884

Babymouse’s school is putting on a musical, and though Babymouse would love to appear on stage dancing and singing, she is a little…well…challenged by her lack of coordination. Encouraged by the new English boy in school, a delightful hedgehog, Babymouse tries out for the play. Alas for poor Babymouse, she gets to understudy for her archenemy, Felicia Furrypaws.

Try as she might to follow the stage directions, Babymouse makes one mistake after another. The only place where she manages to get anything right is in her imagination, where she performs in a variety of musicals including Grease and The Lion King. Unfortunately, these same daydreams get her into more trouble because while she is dreaming, she is busily not paying attention to her teachers in class.

Many children dream of getting to perform in a school play, just as Babymouse does. This hilarious story, with its musical dream sequences, will delight readers who dream of tripping the light fantastic. As always, the narrator provides plenty of humor as he/she interacts with Babymouse as our poor heroine stumbles her way through her elementary school life. Babymouse and graphic novel fans will love this new addition to the Babymouse collection.