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Babymouse: Skater Girl

Babymouse: Skater Girl

Jennifer L. Holm , Matthew Holm
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 7 to 10
Random House, 2007   ISBN: 978-0375839894

It is winter time and Babymouse’s latest daydream is that she is a fabulous figure skater. More than anything Babymouse wishes she could be really good at something. Why do all the other kids in her school have to be the ones who win trophies? Why does she have to the “honorable mention” kid all the time? She wants to be the one to does really well, the one who wins for a change. Why can’t her skill be skating?

One day Babymouse goes skating on the pond with her friend Wilson and she is spotted by coach Bearnakova who tells Babymouse that she wants to give her lessons. Babymouse is thrilled. At least she is until she realizes that she is going to have to go for lessons at five in the morning AND after school every day. Then the coach tells Babymouse that she will have to give up eating cupcakes as well. What a calamity!

Still, Babymouse does not quit. She works harder than she has ever worked in her life, overcoming aches, pains, exhaustion and all manner of other hardships. All along Babymouse keeps the picture of the trophy in her mind and she presses on. Can she keep it up though or will she crack under the pressure?

In this seventh Babymouse book, the utterly loveable and charismatic mouse who has charmed readers of all ages has to decide what she cares about most: trying to get a trophy or having a normal life with her friends. With her tendency to have accidents of various kinds and her fondness for fantastical daydreams, Babymouse is the kind of character most of us can identify with. She dreams of being popular, beautiful, and a hero, and in real life she is just like you and me – she makes mistakes, she has her enemies, she is often kind, and she is loved by her friends and family.