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Babymouse: Puppy Love

Babymouse: Puppy Love

Jennifer L. Holm , Matthew Holm
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 7 to 10
Random House, 2007   ISBN: 978-0375839900

Babymouse’s pet goldfish has died, something which her goldfish have a tendency to do not long after she acquires them. Not surprisingly Babymouse is feeling rather blue. She wishes she could have a real pet, a pet that she can cuddle and hold in her arms; a dog or a cat perhaps. After a visit to the pet shop she asks her parents if she can get a puppy and they agree to let her get a hamster.

To help her take care of her hamster Babymouse gets a book to read which she hopes will teach her everything she needs to know about hamster care. Unfortunately she reads the part about not leaving the cage door open after she leaves the cage door open. Barely fours hours after getting Hammy the hamster, Babymouse loses him.

The next day Babymouse is at the pet shop again and this time she gets a turtle. By the following morning the turtle has disappeared. Over the next week or so Babymouse gets a whole bevy of creatures from the pet shop, and one by one she loses every single one of them.

Not long after the last pet shop pet has vanished into thin air a lost dog turns up at Babymouse’s door. Babymouse is ecstatic and throws herself into the job of being a great dog owner. She quickly comes to realize that having a dog is not as easy as it looks. Her shoes are chewed, her bed is monopolized, she has to walk the dog at all hours, and it is not the cleanest of animals either. Then Babymouse gets to work. Her dog is going to be trained and well behaved and she, Babymouse, is going to get the job done.

In this delightful Babymouse tale, the young mouse who has big dreams and high hopes tries desperately to find her dream pet. It is a situation which any young person will be able to identify with. Who hasn’t wished for a puppy or kitten to play with, to name, and to call ones own? Of course in Babymouse’s case the situation is a rather extreme one because she loses every pet she gets. With the sometimes annoying “narrator” questioning her actions Babymouse never gives up on her dream and even when her greatest triumph is taken from her, we cannot help hoping that Babymouse will, eventually, find what she is looking for.

With wonderful artwork throughout, and a funny and touching story to go with the charming illustrations, this is a graphic novel which readers of all ages will enjoy.