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Babymouse: Heartbreaker

Babymouse: Heartbreaker

Jennifer L. Holm , Matthew Holm
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 7 to 10
Random House, 2006   ISBN: 0375837981

School is normally a very unromantic place and the only way Babymouse can inject a little romance into her daily life is to have a little daydream by herself every so often. But, wonder of wonders, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and maybe something will happen on this especially romantic day.

Babymouse loves Valentine’s Day and this year the school is going to host a dance. Babymouse imagines what the dance could be like and then she begins to worry that no one will ask her to go with them. If only a “handsome prince” would come along and take her to the dance but alas, no such person seems to exist for Babymouse. Is there something that she should be doing to attract such a person to her? Should she even take the drastic step of asking a boy to go to the dance with her instead of waiting for one to ask her?

Anyone who has gone through the heartache of waiting for someone to ask them to a dance will instantly appreciate what Babymouse is going through. One cannot help laughing at Babymouse’s daydreams and at the same time feeling very sorry for her when she cannot seem to get a date for the special night. The hilarious interaction between the narrator and Babymouse is, as always, a delight and the graphic format perfectly suits Babymouse and her story.