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Babymouse: Burns Rubber

Babymouse: Burns Rubber

Jennifer L. Holm , Matthew Holm
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 7 to 10
Random House, 2010   ISBN: 978-0375857133

Babymouse often gets herself into…er…shall we say unfortunate situations. Thankfully, her friend Wilson is there to bail her out. After Babymouse crashes her bike for the umpteenth time, Wilson agrees once again to fix it for her in his garage. Which is when Babymouse sees the soapbox car that Wilson has built for the soapbox derby. Babymouse loves the idea of being a part of a soapbox derby. There is only one real problem – Babymouse has no clue how to build a soapbox car.

Of course, being Babymouse, she tries to build a soapbox car anyway, and she quickly discovers that not only is she clueless, but she also is in need of parts. She is going to need a sponsor to help her pay for a vehicle.

After going into almost every store in town, Babymouse finds a sponsor, and she manages to get Wilson to ‘help’ her build her car (actually, he pretty much builds the whole thing for her.) Now all she has to do is win the race. Or maybe not.

In this eleventh Babymouse adventure, our favorite cupcake-loving mouse gets carried away, as usual, by her daydreams. Babymouse really does have a very fertile imagination! Thankfully, despite her tendency not to see what is right under her nose, Babymouse comes to her senses just in time, and she does the right thing.

Readers will find themselves feeling very proud of Babymouse. Who can resist a mouse who is funny, who makes so many mistakes, and who never stops believing that one day she will really be an honest-to-goodness hero.