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Babymouse: Beach Babe

Babymouse: Beach Babe

Illustrator:   Jennifer L. Holm  , Matthew Holm 
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 7 to 10
Random House, 2006   ISBN: 978-0375832314

Summer is here and it is the last day of school. Babymouse is thrilled and when her parents tell her that the family are going to the beach for their summer vacation she is even more thrilled. Of course there is a long drive to be endured and everything doesn’t quite go as planned at the beach but still... the beach is the beach isn’t it?

As per usual, Babymouse conjures up all kinds of daydreams which help her get through the rough spots and which add a little pizzazz to her life. Though she does get sunburned and though she does meet a shark when she is snorkeling, Babymouse is determined that she is having, and will continue to have, a good time. Babymouse begins to wish that she had someone to play with though and it takes a while for Babymouse to realize that the answer to this problem is a lot closer than she thinks it is.

Babymouse is a wonderfully endearing character whom all her readers will be able to identify with, especially the ones who hate fractions and who keep enormous amounts of junk in their school lockers. By incorporating the comments and questions of a interested ‘third party’ into the narrative, the authors bring their readers into the story in a very clever and immediate way.