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Baby Blossom Makes a Wish

Baby Blossom Makes a Wish

Cicely Mary Barker
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 8
Penguin, 2004   ISBN: 978-0723249726

Baby Blossom is ready to go to school now and though she wants to learn the skills that she will need to be a true Flower Fairy, she has a very hard time keeping still and paying attention in class. Even on the important day when the little fairies are being taught how to make fairy wishes, Baby Blossom is inattentive and wanders off. When it comes time to practice making wishes, Baby Blossom quickly finds out that she doesn’t know how to make the wishes work.

In the end the other Flower Fairies get together to help Baby Blossom, giving her advice on how to find her own special way of making fairy magic and wishes.

For all those little children who have a hard time learning how to do something, Baby Blossom’s story will offer support and reassurance. Everyone has their own unique way of learning how to do things - sometimes it takes a while to figure out what that special way is. Cecily Mary Barker’s distinctive and enchanting illustrations make this a very special little book.