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Baby Animals sticker Activities

Baby Animals sticker Activities

Jonathan Litton
Illustrator:  Artful Doodlers , Matthew Isherwood 
Novelty Book
For ages 5 to 7
Tiger Tales, 2014   ISBN: 978-1589253025

Little children love stickers and have been known to apply stickers to everything in reach. Books, tables, chairs, fridge doors, the family pet, and even their own cheeks, arms and legs serve as canvases for colorful stickers. In this book children will find pages and pages of stickers of photographed animals. There are also stickers of colorful shapes, plants, fruits, veggies and more. What makes the book unique is that children can take those stickers and apply them to the pages in the book. Questions on the pages serve as prompts to help children to interact with the book by writing words, drawing pictures and putting certain stickers on the pages.

For example, on the first spread we see a waterfall and a pond in a forest setting. Three parrots are peaking out from the shrubbery and we are asked to put some “baby elephant stickers in the pool” and to find the “three parrots hiding in this picture.”

On the next spread we see photos of eight sweet little kittens. Here we are asked to gave each of the kittens a name and to write those names in the colored boxes on the page.

A few pages later there is an underwater scene to color in, which is followed by a farm scene. Here we see a chicken in a coop and one of her eggs has broken open. We are asked, “Who is hatching out of the hen's eggs?” and we are told to “Find some little chicks on the sticker pages and add them to the scene.”

Other activities in the book include matching up pairs correctly, going through a maze, copying pictures, spotting differences between two pictures, and searching pictures for certain things.

This book would make a great gift for children who likes stickers and who enjoy doing activities that challenge their creativity and their ability to solve problems.