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Baby Animals In the Forest

Baby Animals In the Forest

The Editors at Kingfisher
Nonfiction Board Book
For infants to age 3
Kingfisher, 2011   ISBN: 978-0753465660

The forest is full of baby animals of all kinds that we can only see if we are very quiet and very still. If you don’t happen to have a forest near where you live, then you can still enjoy looking at the cunning little forest animals in this board book.

We begin our bookish journey by meeting a little fox cub. The cub tells us that little foxes are not “picky” eaters. In fact, they will eat everything from worms to apples. On the next page, we see a little rabbit. We can see that it has long ears and we find out that rabbits make a “Squeak squeak!” noise.

This board book is perfect for little children who love animals because it has wonderful descriptive and action words in the text, it has onomatopoeic sound words at the bottom of every page, and there are beautiful full color photos on every double page spread.

This is one in a series of board books about baby animals.