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Babar Comes to America

Babar Comes to America

Laurent de Brunhoff
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Abrams Books, 2008   ISBN: 978-0810972445

Babar, the king of the elephants, is going to visit America. The President of the United States has asked him to go to Washington. And so Babar sets off. In Washington Babar has dinner with the president, and he sees the sites in the capital city. It is exhausting but very interesting.

Once the official visit it over Babar packs his crown and becomes a tourist. His first stop on his American tour is New York City. This is a place that Babar has "always wanted to see." Babar gets to spend the weekend with his friends Bob and Helen, and he enjoys sharing time with a typical American family, playing baseball and going to the grocery store with them.

After his time in New York City is over Babar goes to Boston and then on to Harvard, where he is awarded a Doctor of Letters degree. Babar cannot stay long because there are so many other places to visit.

Babar fans will greatly enjoy this delightful adventure that takes Babar from New York City to San Francisco, and from Detroit in the north to Texas in the South. Readers will get to share some of America's most beloved tourist spots with Babar and its vintage feel - this story first came out in 1965 - is quite charming.