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Babar and his children

Babar and his children

Jean de Brunhoff
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Random House, 1954   ISBN: 978-0394805771

Babar, the king of elephants, has some wonderful news for his people – he is soon going to be a father. Babar writes up an announcement in which he tells his elephants that when they hear the boom of a cannon, it will mean that a little prince or princess has been born.

Poor Babar has a terrible time as he waits to hear the cannon sound. He cannot just sit and work and so he goes out and takes a bike ride to calm his nerves. While he is out he hears a cannon “Boom!” It is time to go home. As he rides he hears two more booms. Dear me, what can it all mean?

Soon enough Babar and everyone else find out that Queen Celeste has not had one baby but three – two boys and a girl. There is much celebrating and the three royal children are named Pom, Alexander, and Flora.

Of course things are no longer quiet and calm in the palace with three little elephants about. There is the day when Flora swallows her rattle and also the day when the pram runs away from the nurse. Little Alexander is thrown from the pram and ends up in a tree! And there is the time when Alexander decides to go for a sail on the river in Cornelius’ bowler hat. Will someone be able to save him before the little elephant is eaten by a hungry crocodile?

Babar fans will be delighted to share in Babar’s latest adventure. Who would have thought that being a father was going to be so much work. No only that but Babar comes to realize that he is going to need all the help he can get to keep his three children out of trouble.

Wonderful stories and Jean de Brunhoff’s signature artwork make this a winning title in the Babar series.