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Babar and Father Christmas

Babar and Father Christmas

Jean de Brunhoff
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Random House , 2001   ISBN: 0375814442

One day Zephir the monkey tells Alexander, Pom, Flora, and Arthur about Father Christmas. He suggests that perhaps they should write to the wonderful man to ask him if he would be willing to visit the country of the elephants. The elephant children think that this is a wonderful idea and soon a letter is written and mailed.

Every day the children eagerly await an answer from Father Christmas. After a while however they begin to give up hope and become very sad and discouraged. King Babar asks them what is the matter and the children tell him about the letter that they wrote and sent to Father Christmas.

Now Babar is a very kind elephant and hates to see the children looking so unhappy so he decides to pay a visit to Father Christmas in person. Surely if he does so the man will not be able to refuse the children’s request.

Poor Babar soon finds out that it is not going to be easy to track Father Christmas down. Everyone seems to have their own ideas about where the famous old man lives. In the end careful research and the help of a new friend makes it possible for Babar to complete his quest. There is still a problem however – Father Christmas is far too worn out to take on more work. Now what is Babar to do?

In this charming and magical book children will see that Babar is truly a special elephant, an elephant who will go to great lengths to give the children in his land a fun-filled Christmas. Readers will have a wonderful time following Babar as he tries to find the illusive Father Christmas and laughing at the peculiar adventures that he has on his quest.