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Babar’s Birthday Surprise

Babar’s Birthday Surprise

Laurent de Brunhoff, Ellen Weiss
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 8
Abrams, 2002   ISBN: 978-0810957138

Everyone in Celesteville is getting ready for the birthday of Babar, their king. His wife Celeste wants to give Babar a special birthday surprise, she wants Podular the sculptor to create a large statue of Babar in the side of the mountain about the city. The hard part of the project is going to be trying to keep it a secret from Babar.

Podular is happy to do the job and soon he and Zephir the monkey are out at the mountain setting up a scaffold. Two marabou birds join them wanting to know what is going on and it is a good thing that they are there for soon they warn Podular that Babar is riding up towards the mountain on his bicycle. This time Podular and Zephir are able to hide but they cannot help worrying that Babar may see what they are up to before the time is right.

In this amusing story the elephants who love Babar have a very hard time trying to stop him from upsetting Celeste’s birthday plans. Soon Arthur, Pom, Flora, Alexander, and even Doctor Capoulosse are working together to make sure that Babar does not know what is being planned for his special day.

This is the prefect picture book to share with a child who is celebrating a special day. Secrets, accidents, and funny antics make it a perfect read for any Babar fan and as always Laurent de Brunhoff’s illustrations are entertaining and charming.