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Away We Go!: A Shape and Seek Book

Away We Go!: A Shape and Seek Book

Chieu Anh Urban
Novelty Board Book
For infants to age 4
Scholastic , 2013   ISBN: 978-0545461795

Learning the names of shapes can be a lot of fun, especially if you make the process one big seek-and-find adventure. In this book Chieu Anh Urban does just that. Every double page spread focuses on one shape, and the shape is hidden within the images and cutouts that appear on that page.

   The author begins with a square, asking us if we can see a square in the artwork. The two pictures show a truck and a train, and sure enough, there are many squares to find.

  Next we look for triangles. We see a picture of an ice cream truck and picture of a sailboat. Some of the triangles are obvious, while others are cleverly incorporated into the art, and children have to look hard to find them.

   Further on, children are asked to find hearts, circles, stars, diamonds, octagons, rectangles, and ovals. The author wraps up with two pages full of pictures of colorful blimps and the shapes mentioned in the book have been incorporated into the pictures. Children are asked “What shapes can you see?” and they will have a grand time finding all the shapes that they have learned about.