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Kristin Clark Venuti

Kristin Clark Venuti

Kristin Clark Venuti fell in love with the English language early. She reads constantly, and has from the time she was small, written on a variety of things. These include her father's beloved copy of the Oxford English Dictionary, her mother's living room walls, and even the family dog. This last was accomplished using blueberry juice on patches of white fur. We are not making this up.

She now writes on a computer. Up until recently her work consisted of human interest stories for the local paper, as well as newsletters and magazine articles about the martial arts (she holds a black belt and taught Tae Kwon Do for several years). She has also written short fiction for adults. 

Reading rescued her from the doldrums of childhood and the horrors of adolescence. In writing for children she hopes to provide those who need it with a similar escape—and to maybe teach them to delight in language as well. 

Kristin belongs to a couple of critique groups as well as the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. 

She lives at the top of a soggy, green hill in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Here she encourages her family to write on the laundry room walls rather than on the family dog.