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Kaleb Nation

Kaleb Nation

As a child, Kaleb Nation had to be forced by his mother to write one page a week in creative writing. But by the time he finished his first story, no one could make him to stop. Age twelve, Kaleb promptly telephoned the senior editor of a major publisher to pitch the book…and got to talk with security instead.


But as with most writers, not even that could stifle his dream. On the third night of the third month in 2003, age 14, Kaleb had a sudden idea that began the story of Bran Hambric, a novel which would take most of his teenage years to write. In early 2007, Kaleb finished the first book in his series (Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse) and signed with Richard Curtis Associates, a leading New York literary agency. In 2008, Kaleb’s debut novel was sold to Sourcebooks, one of the largest independent publishers in the nation, for a Fall 2009 release.


Aside from writing, Kaleb hosted his first radio show in Texas at age 13, later launching his own program in 2006 called The Top 5. Originally produced exclusively for, Kaleb’s show eventually grew to be broadcast on AM, FM, Internet, and satellite radio stations across the globe, making him one of the youngest nationally syndicated hosts on the air. Kaleb was also heard daily as the lead voice-over on WZDG-FM in North Carolina.


In mid-2008, Kaleb launched a second blog at, giving chapter-by-chapter insight, from a guy and writer’s perspective, on reading the Twilight Saga, a series of popular novels. The website went on to receive over 3 million hits in its first 9 months online, and was featured in BusinessWeek and Entertainment Weekly magazines. Kaleb also began posting regular videos on his Youtube channel, with a combined total of over 3 million plays.


In his free time, Kaleb enjoys creating music and blogging at A homeschool graduate and a former black belt in taekwondo, he currently attends college in Texas and turned 20 in 2008.