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Walter Wick

Walter Wick began his collection by scavenging junk drawers. He continued to collect objects at yard sales, flea markets, and antique fairs, where he found boxes full of toy cars; mason jars full of marbles, beads, and buttons; tin containers with toy blocks; and much, much more. Discount shops, party supply stores, craft supply stores, hardware stores, and of course, toy stores are also favorite sources. And finally, some things he just found while walking on beaches and in the woods.

Walter Wick's studio includes a woodworking shop, a storage area for props, offices for Walter and his wife, Linda Cheverton-Wick, and a large area where he builds, paints, composes, and finally photographs sets. Lights and shadow makers are essential tools for Walter Wick.

He delights in taking his audience on adventure that is both exciting and challenging. In Can You See What I See? he blends mazes and puzzles into his search-and-find games, so that you don't have to play one game at a time, you can just turn the page and continue on your journey!


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