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Candice F. Ransom

Candice F. Ransom

Candice Ransom is an award winning children's book author, who has written more than 100 books. From picture books, to easy readers, to biographies, to fiction; a common thread in the majority of these books is a Virginia connection. Candice's new books are the time travel series, "Time Spies."

Growing up on Civil War property, Candice would often find Civil War bullets while playing in her yard. She has a strong appreciation for Virginia culture, folklore, and regional superstitions. As she notes, "You can't walk down a street in Virginia without walking over something historical."

Set in Monticello, V.A., Candice's "Time Spies" series is about contemporary kids who travel back into history, and sometimes even into fantasy worlds. Candice integrates a Thomas Jefferson theme into all of the "Time Spies" books. As Candice said, kids gravitate towards history when they realize it's "stories of the people, not just about dates."

Candice holds a Masters in Writing for Children from Vermont College and is currently earning her Masters in Children's Literature at Hollins University. She lives with her husband and four cats in Fredericksburg.