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Harry Horse

Harry Horse

A former political cartoonist, Harry Horse writes and illustrates stories of epic adventures - to the Arctic, Australia and America. His best-loved character is undoubtedly Roo - the spirited dog. And, yes, Roo really does exist. Indeed, she has even been interviewed and says that "writing is quite easy - I don't know what all the fuss is about."

Harry Horse was well on the way to becoming a lawyer, when he decided instead to flee to Scotland to pursue a career as an illustrator. After a couple of commissions, Harry made an impressive debut as author and artist with The Opopogo - My Journey with the Loch Ness Monster in 1983.

It would be ten years before Harry's next book, although he continued to illustrate other writers' work. Between 1987 and 1992, he enjoyed the high-profile role of political cartoonist for Scotland on Sunday. His illustrations have also appeared in The Independent, The Observer, Vox and The New Yorker. Harry currently contributes a weekly satirical cartoon Horsebox to The Scotsman.

In 1992, a knotted parcel of tea-stained paper arrived at Penguin Children's Books. Few "unsolicited" manuscripts ever make it beyond the "slush pile", but The Last Polar Bears immediately stood out. Publisher Philippa Milnes-Smith recalls "this was clearly an exceptional talent - someone who could write and illustrate with equal skill." The Last Polar Bears introduced readers to the delightful character of Roo, Harry's real-life dog.

A devotee of Cajun music, Harry has formed two bands - Swamptrash and Hexology (he plays the banjo).

From Penguin CA publicity.